lower School

The Packer Collegiate Institute

Brooklyn Heights, NY

14,097 SQ FT

Summer 2014

The Summer 2014 phase of renovation focused on the Packer Collegiate Institute's Lower School and included ten Classrooms, a Learning Specialist suite, seven Tutoring Rooms, a new Lower School Music Room, Second and Third Floor hallways, and lighting in the Founders Stairway. The second and third floor hallways now have new and restored lighting, restored plaster crown moldings and framed display boards for student work. Special details include the Della Robbia relief panels
which inspired previous generations of art students at Packer.

The Music Room was moved to allow like grades to be clustered together.  Each classroom now has state-of-the-art touchscreen technology, ample whiteboard and tackboard surfaces, and built-in storage for teaching materials. The Learning Specialists occupy a new suite of rooms with accessible shelves for teaching materials, creating a functional environment for concentrated study in half group. The six air-conditioned tutoring rooms allow teachers to provide individualized attention within intimate, playful surroundings that support multiple teaching approaches.