Middle School

The Packer Collegiate Institute

Brooklyn Heights, NY

4,900 SQ FT

Summer 2015

For the Middle School at Packer Collegiate Institute, HSA created three skylit classrooms and floated above them an expansive multi-purpose event space, all housed under the original ceiling trusses of the 19th century Renwick church that houses this division of the school. HSA worked with engineers from Silman to insert the mezzanine without harming the Victorian trusses, the angelic mural, or the stained glass that still grace the former church space, and without the need for additional columns through the teaching spaces below.  The work was completed in a summer, allowing the classrooms to open in time for the school year.

In the process an elevator was added, HVAC equipment was tucked into a loft space, and the stair was extended to serve the new floor.

The result is the best of both worlds and one of the most popular spaces in the school – three acoustically separate handsome classrooms and a wonderful open meeting area, with soft lounge seating, flip-top tables and stacking chairs to allow for maximum flexible use.