science building

The Packer Collegiate Institute

Brooklyn Heights, NY

7,500 SQ FT

Summer 2010, 2011 & 2012

In 1887 Napoleon LeBrun designed the Science Building as an addition to the main Founders Hall to house science laboratory classrooms and a gym, and closely followed the Gothic revival style of the original building. 

HSA set out to restore the historic fabric at the perimeter of the building interior and place within it exciting 21st century teaching spaces, as well as a museum-quality science displays, visible from the school’s main hallways. 

In 2010 we completed the first phase of renovations to the Science Building to be achieved over a series of summers. The Science Building contains five Upper School science laboratories, the Lower School science laboratory, science teacher prep spaces, as well as offices for the science department. We worked closely with the teachers to create laboratory/teaching spaces that contain state of the art equipment for each lab specialty but are also flexible spaces to teach math and computer science.

The Chemistry floor was the first phase to be completed followed by the Biology and Lower School Science, and Physics floors completed in the following summers.